Michael Dubke Founder Crossroads Media

Biography of Michael Dubke - Founder of Crossroads MediaMichael D. "Mike" Dubke (born April 18, 1970) is an American entrepreneur and political aide who has been the White House Communications Director for U.S. President Donald Trump from March 6, 2017 to May 2017. He submitted his resignation on May 30, less than three months later; his date of departure is not yet known. Dubke has worked in political affairs since the 1980s, and was a founder of Crossroads Media.

Dubke is a native of Hamburg, New York and attended Hamburg High School. He is a graduate of Hamilton College. According to Dubke, he has been involved in political affairs since 1988. Several of the organizations that he has worked for operate out of the same office building at 66 Canal Center Plaza, Suite 555, Alexandria, Virginia. Questions about election ethics have been raised based on the organizations' various connections to political campaigns.

Michael Dubke, David Carney, and several business groups helped start Americans for Job Security in 1997. Dubke was the first executive director and then president of Americans for Job Security until April 2008. In 2001, Dubke founded the Republican media services firm Crossroads Media[16]. It was brought it to a level of national prominence during the 2008 presidential campaign. The company provides services for American Crossroads, a super PAC founded by Karl Rove. While at Crossroads Media, Dubke worked on the campaign of New York congressman Chris Collins.
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