'Tis the season! 2016 Meaning Wikipedia

What is 'Tis the season! 2016 Meaning Wikipedia 'Tis the season means "It's the holiday season." (Sorry, as a PC American, I can't say "It's Christmastime!") But we often say things like "'Tis the season for family/friends/warmth/giving/amazing deals." The phrase is something we break out around Thanksgiving and put away on December 28 - it's part of how we celebrate the holidays. For instance, you could be at a bar on a cold, rainy night in early December and ask your friend if he wanted another round. He could then reply "Well, 'tis the season!" "Merry Christmas!" says one. "Happy Holidays!" says another. "'Tis the Season" is proclaimed and posted everywhere this time of year. But what do we really mean when we refer to this "season"? In general, a season can be a particular time of year, such as winter, spring, summer, and fall. It can also refer to a time characterized by a particular circumstance, like in a "season of awakening." Some may use this word to describe a suitable or natural time, like when their "season" comes. Or it could mean an indefinite period of time; for example, a person on assignment for a "season."

What is 'Tis the season! 2016 Meaning WikipediaWhat is 'Tis the season! 2016 Meaning WikipediaTis the Season is an independently released 2009 Christmas album by the American vocalist Wendy Moten. 'Tis the SeaSon is the second Christmas album by American singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett, and is his twenty-ninth studio album overall. Released on October 28, 2016, it is the follow-up to Buffett's Christmas Island, released twenty years prior. After the recording of the album was mentioned in interviews and on social media throughout summer 2016, the name, album cover, and release date were officially announced on September 26, 2016. The album debuted on Billboard 200 at No. 50, and at the Top Country Albums at No. 6, selling 10,000 copies in its first week. The album has sold 45,300 copies in the United States as of December 2016.

What is 'Tis the season! 2016 Meaning WikipediaWhat is 'Tis the season! 2016 Meaning Wikipedia'Tis the Season is a 2000 Christmas album by Vince Gill and Olivia Newton-John with the Bradford Singers and the London Symphony Orchestra commissioned by and recorded for Hallmark Entertainment. It is Olivia Newton-John's first Christmas album, and her selections from it were included on the compilation The Christmas Collection. Gill and Newton-John perform new versions of traditional Christmas carols including two duets. Because the album was released through Hallmark Cards 4,000 franchise stores these sales were not counted according to Billboard 200 rules at time, and the album did not feature on any chart despite high sales. Exact sales for this album were not made available by Hallmark but other albums in the series in the early 2000s typically went platinum.
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