Chaos 3 Burned Car - Monas Region Smolder

3 Burned Car - Monas Region SmolderPolice officers clashed with the masses of the Islamic Students Association (HMI) in front of the Presidential Palace in Jakarta. Flames suddenly appeared behind the masses. The fire burned several cars parked in the middle of the National Monument. It is not known who first sparked the fire, but made conditions increasingly heated. Meanwhile, clashes are still ongoing between the mass of the HMI with police. Both sides still involved throwing rocks and responded with tear gas. Clashes began with mass HMI that forces broke through police barricades. A group of members of FPI trying to protect the police from the invasion, but they could not resist throwing stones. Now clashes are still ongoing, the mass majority chose to return to his residence respectively.

HMI past clashed with police. Riots occurred in front of the Palace. Clashes between the masses and the clerk was inevitable. Officers had fired tear gas to dispel the crowd. Massa pedemo in front of the State Palace were forced to withdraw. Most of them go to Monas and some places around the National Palace. Officers have issued a warning shot tear gas. The action of pushing and punch up had occurred between officials and the masses. Water cannons have also been used to drive the masses. Previous mob also pelted officers with wood, stone, and water bottles. BURNING Monas area.

Pedemo mass seen entering the area of ​​Monas, the Office of Radio Republik Indonesia and the Court House. Some people look hurt. The alleged provocateur also secured officer. Cries of takbir revolution and continues to reverberate. Visible 3 Burned Car period and flames were seen enlarged in the darkness. Sounds of the eruption of the weapons officer fireworks continued. Meanwhile the reserve force of TNI prepared. Rah troops prepared nutrient of the Jakarta Military Command. While the equipment for mass dispel such as shields, protective equipment, helmets and batons were also prepared clerk.
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