Who the Won American Idol Winners 2016

Who Won American Idol Winners 2016The results are in and we know who won season fifteen of American Idol, the farewell season of the smash hit singing competition series. The final two contestants this year were La’Porsha Renae and Trent Harmon. They both sang their hearts out during the performance episode the night before and the judges commented that this could be the closest vote in the show’s history. The finale featured performances from nearly every memorable contestant from the show’s fifteen years on the air!

American Idol 2016 will be the final year of the network’s long-running reality TV singing competition. After more than a decade of entertaining fans across the world, American Idol 15 will be the last season. The American Idol Top 24 contestants were decided following a series of difficult eliminations during Hollywood Week where nearly two hundred Golden Ticket Hopefuls were cut. Eliminations sent home much of the talent through solo performances, ground rounds, and a final deciding solo performance.

Singers who made it through the Final Judgment moved on to face a returning challenge in the Showcase Round. Here the Top 24 were split in to two groups with one half performing in each of two weeks along with duets featuring past American Idol greats. Those who remained following another series of bulk eliminations would move on to the Top 14 and a chance to make it to the Top 10. Spoilers have revealed who made the Top 14 round.

Unlike past seasons, the American Idol 2016 Top 10 would be decided in part first by the Idol Judges. This year production selected the first four of the ten finalists with the other six seats going to Wild Cards as voted in by the audience. It’s a reverse move from what American Idol has done in the past as when viewers picked first and Judges added Wild Cards. Will it be enough to insure who will win American Idol 2016?

The Top 10 contestants were revealed during the February 25th episode when Kelly Clarkson returned as a guest judge and to perform her single, “Piece By Piece.” Now those ten singers will press on against back to back weeks of double eliminations leading to the April 7th finale for Idol’s farewell! During the season and series grand finale the top two finalists La’Porsha Renae and Trent Harmon faced off for viewers’ votes when Ryan Seacrest revealed that Trent Harmon is the last American Idol winner of the FOX series.
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