Claude Shannon Biography - Mathematician

Biografia Claude Shannon Biography - MathematicianClaude Elwood Shannon (April 30, 1916 – February 24, 2001) was an American mathematician, electrical engineer, and cryptographer known as "the father of information theory". Shannon is famous for having founded information theory with a landmark paper that he published in 1948. - क्लॉड शैनन - كلود شانون - Клод Шеннон -

He is perhaps equally well known for founding both digital computer and digital circuit design theory in 1937, when, as a 21-year-old master's degree student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), he wrote his thesis demonstrating that electrical applications of Boolean algebra could construct any logical, numerical relationship. Shannon contributed to the field of cryptanalysis for national defense during World War II, including his basic work on codebreaking and secure telecommunications. - क्लॉड शैनन - كلود شانون - Клод Шеннон -

Outside of his academic pursuits, Shannon was interested in juggling (see: robot juggling), unicycling, and chess. He also invented many devices, including a Roman numeral computer called THROBAC, juggling machines, and a flame-throwing trumpet. One of his more humorous devices was a box kept on his desk called the "Ultimate Machine", based on an idea by Marvin Minsky. Otherwise featureless, the box possessed a single switch on its side. - क्लॉड शैनन - كلود شانون - Клод Шеннон -

Biografia Claude Shannon Biography - MathematicianWhen the switch was flipped, the lid of the box opened and a mechanical hand reached out, flipped off the switch, then retracted back inside the box. Renewed interest in the "Ultimate Machine" has emerged on YouTube and Thingiverse. In addition he built a device that could solve the Rubik's Cube puzzle. Shannon designed the Minivac 601, a digital computer trainer to teach business people about how computers functioned. - क्लॉड शैनन - كلود شانون - Клод Шеннон -

It was sold by the Scientific Development Corp starting in 1961. He is also considered the co-inventor of the first wearable computer along with Edward O. Thorp. The device was used to improve the odds when playing roulette.Shannon had three children, Robert James Shannon, Andrew Moore Shannon, and Margarita Shannon. His oldest son, Robert Shannon, died when he was 45 years old in 1998. Shannon developed Alzheimer's disease, and eventually died in 2001. - क्लॉड शैनन - كلود شانون - Клод Шеннон -

His last few years were spent in a nursing home in Massachusetts oblivious to the marvels of the digital revolution he had helped create. He was survived by his wife, Mary Elizabeth Moore Shannon, his son, Andrew Moore Shannon, his daughter, Margarita Shannon, his sister, Catherine Shannon Kay, and his two granddaughters. His wife stated in his obituary that, had it not been for Alzheimer's disease, "He would have been bemused" by it all. - क्लॉड शैनन - كلود شانون - Клод Шеннон -

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