#MeToo - Time Person Of The Year 2017

#MeToo - Time Person Of The Year 2017TIME magazine has just released the list of Person of The Year, filled by great women. One of them, Ashley Judd, the artist who reported Harvey Weinstein in the case of sesual harassment. Then there are the names of Taylor Swift, Susan Fowler, Adama Iwu, and Isabel Pascual.However, when you see the cover is more observant, you will get a woman who only appears the right arm only. Is it a print error, or does it have its own meaning? Certainly not.

Not the President of the United States Donald Trump, nor the controversial North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, but the mass media movement in social media with the #MeToo pamp marks chosen to be the most influential person or group in the world this year. Quoted from Yahoo News on Wednesday (6/12/2017), Time magazine chose the #MeToo movement as the winner of "Person of the Year". They are called the "Breaking Solver".

They are people who experienced sesual assault and harassment, who never made a sound before. However, via #MeToo on Twitter, all the women in the world speak out their experiences and against sesual harassment. Some popular figures from the US who are considered to be the pioneers of this movement and became the cover of Time, among them Ashley Judd, Susan Fowler, and Taylor Swift. Others, Adama Iwu, and Isabel Pascual.

The #MeToo movement becomes a way for abuse victims to find the courage to speak. Although Time magazine editors decide who or what group won the Person of the Year title, but in the polls offered by the magazine, Saudi Crown Prince Prince Mohammed bin Salman received the highest votes. However, the inclusion of US singer Taylor Swift on the cover of the magazine caused controversy in social media.

But, before the harassment of a famous Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein, rattled the world, Swift once reported a radio DJ who harassed her. The DJ was later dismissed, and sued Swift by demanding $ 3 million or Rp40.6 billion in damages. However, Swift won the lawsuit, and only demanded US $ 1 or Rp 13,500 as a symbol of a sesual harassment crime can never be replaced by money compensation.
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