Labor Day 2017 - Maibaum First of May

Labor Day 2017 - Maibaum First of MayHappy May Day! Revelers in various regions of Germany will raise a maypole today to celebrate the merry month of May. The maypole is usually a decorated tree trunk, traditionally placed in the village green or town square. As today's Doodle illustrates, there might also be a procession through the town, complete with a brass band and traditional costumes. Some regions have maypole climbing competitions, and in others, everyone joins in a maypole dance with ribbons that form a festive braid.

Guest Doodler Christoph Hoppenbrock combined various traditions and customs, like a May bug (Maikäfer) and a smaller birch tree with a heart and streamers for placing in a sweetheart's yard. The Doodle’s whimsical style reflects the lighthearted fun that May Day inspires. "Deer are often used in traditional German folk art,” Christoph notes. “I found it especially fun to draw a deer in lederhosen." The maypole (Maibaum) symbolizes unity and togetherness, so gather your family, friends, and neighbors and celebrate the season!
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