Covfefe Meaning in Donald Trump Twitter

Covfefe Meaning in Donald Trump TwitterThe incident of a covfefe typed by US President Donald Trump on his Twitter is heavily discussed publicly. Realizing his mistake, Trump joked by asking the public to guess the meaning of the word 'covfefe'. "Who can guess the true meaning of 'covfefe' ?? Enjoy! " Trump chirped via his personal Twitter account, @realDonaldTrump , on Wednesday (31/5) morning US time, as reported by CNN , Wednesday (5/31/2017) . Trump's first chirp containing the word 'covfefe' itself has been removed. CNN noted, the chirp of 'covfefe' was removed at 0550 local time. The latest chirp that replaced the previous chirp, according to CNN, posted Trump at around 06.09 local time. Furore in social media happened after Trump on Tuesday (30/5) midnight US time, posted a chirp that read: " Despite the constant negative press covfefe. "

Covfefe Meaning in Donald Trump TwitterTrump's sentence is believed to be cut off unfinished aliases and a typo in the last word 'covfefe'. CNN suspects, Trump seems intent on writing the word ' coverage ' but what is typed is 'covfefe'. Twitter users believe Trump is a typo and will delete the chirp immediately. However, up to 5 hours have passed, Trump posts featuring the word 'covfefe' are not deleted. The error then becomes jokes of Twitter users. The 'covfefe' posting was rebrhed up to over 108,000 times and was drawn up over 135,000 times, before it was finally removed. To compare, other Twitter Trump posts do not get retweet and like that much. Despite the frenzy triggered by the word 'covfefe', Trump seems eager to vent a resentment of the press on his chirp. During this time, Trump did not get along with the media, which he often referred to as ' fake news ' or 'fake news'.

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