Military coup attempts in Turkey Has Failed

Military coup attempts in Turkey Has FailedThe military coup attempt to overthrow the Turkish government led by Tayyip Erdogan reportedly took place in the country. Ankara, the capital of Turkey suddenly turned into a battlefield after military personnel deployed their forces to the city center. Based on the testimony of an eyewitness, as reported by Reuters on Saturday (16/7), military helicopters continued to ply the heavens Ankara, and on several occasions the helicopter fired warning shots. Military vehicles, from mild to severe, such as tanks participated milling in the streets Ankara. "Military helicopters opened fire in downtown Ankara, besides the explosion also heard from the direction of Parliament," said a witness who declined to be named for security reasons. - Kudeta Turki

The Turkish military said in a statement that the coup Upata is done to bring back democracy to Turkey. According to the military, democracy began to move away from Turkey over Erdogan's government. As a result of this coup, Ankara is completely isolated from the world. All airports and train stations in the Turkish capital has stopped operating. The military even reported to have closed all entrances to Ankara. In addition, the Turkish military also was reported to have occupied two government television station. The coup attempt occurred dikala Erdogan himself was not at home. Erdogan is currently in Mongolia for meeting memghadiri Europe and Asia. - Kudeta Turki

Military coup attempts in Turkey Has FailedThe coup by one of the military faction in Turkey failed. Pro-government military forces had regained control of several important locations. Starting from the parliament to the TV station. This coup was quoted as saying by Reuters on Saturday (07/16/2016) is not sanctioned Turkish military officials. In fact, the Turkish military special forces immediately took action. They stormed the TV station that had dominated the military perpetrators of the coup faction. TV has been re-mastered. - Kudeta Turki

Not just up there on the streets in the city of Istanbul and Ankara, as seen in the show Aljazeera, some army coup perpetrators are arrested and brought gunman. AFP news site also launched a revelation of the Turkish government. Capital Ankara and Istanbul City has been re-mastered Erdogan's government. The Turkish president was also mobilized supporters to take to the streets against the coup. Erdogan's call was greeted with menyemutnya crowds at some locations such as Taksim Square in Istanbul. - Kudeta Turki

Military coup attempts in Turkey Has FailedThe coup was indeed just happened a few hours. Military coup is not supported fully. Army and Navy Turkey, an important force, were entirely in the military faction that staged a coup. As a statement of Turkish military special forces commander, General Zekai Aksakalli which confirms do not condone a coup against the government. In a statement on the radio broadcasts NTV, General Zekai asserted, the coup will not succeed and troops supporting the community. The situation in Turkey is now normal gradually after the coup. - Kudeta Turki
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