EA DICE Release Battlefield 5 Later Today

EA DICE Release Battlefield 5 Later TodayBattlefield is a series of first-person shooter video games that started out on Microsoft Windows and OS X with its debut video game, Battlefield 1942, which was released in 2002. The series is developed by Swedish company EA DICE and is published by American company Electronic Arts.

The series features a particular focus on large maps, teamwork and vehicle warfare than most other first-person shooters. The PC games in the series are mainly focused on online multiplayer. The Battlefield series has been played by more than 50 million players worldwide as of 2012, across 11 games and 12 expansion packs released since its inception in 2002. The series' music has a recognizable 6-beat sting.

While we wait for EA DICE to share official Battlefield 5 details we want to take a look at everything you need to know, right now, about the highly anticipated Battlefield 5 release date and more. In 2013, EA and DICE released Battlefield 4, a game that put console gamers and PC owners on huge battlefields with an arsenal of weapons, compelling equipment, powerful vehicles, and a destructive environment.

Battlefield 4 had its fair share of problems but EA and DICE worked hard to improve the game and it’s still a favorite of many gamers around the world. You can still hop into a game and enjoy yourself two and a half years after release. More recently, EA and DICE released Battlefield Hardline. Hardline features many of the same elements of Battlefield 4 only it features cops and robbers in place of various militaries. For many people (myself included), it left something to be desired.
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