Amokrane "Kiane" Sabet Dead in Bali Island

Amokrane Kiane Sabet Biography Died in BaliAmokrane Kiane Sabet (49) is a French citizen, who resides in the area of ​​Jalan Pantai Berawa, Canggu, Bali. Bule is famous unsettling and often make a fuss, rude words, and the latest info when shopping at the mini market or restaurant is never paid. He often speeding on the street Berawa Beach and middle finger. Amokrane act of a French citizen of this, disturbing everyone who was at the Boggy, good citizens, tourism, tourism accommodation owners, and tourists amid hardship because Amokrane Sabet, threatening their safety. Amokrane been blacklisted by the owners of tourism accommodation in two regions namely in Berawa and Seminyak-Kuta. - See also : Bali Police Killed by Amokrane Sabet Before He Shot Dead

It has done some mischief Amokrane:

Wearing a tourism facility without ever going to pay. Reckless driving his car when he turned on the music loudly. Eating in a restaurant without paying. Threatening. Say hurtful even want to borrow another man's wife. Last on Monday (05/02/2016) perform puncture on a police officer. On some disquiet which he scatter in the community, the police had called but not yet fully dealt with. Until he had been shot for committing the stabbing of police officers.

Amokrane Sabet is a 42-year-old MMA athletes from France. It stems from the London club Cage Fighters. Now he is no longer active in the MMA scene in which he had joined in 1999 and 2011. In MMA he is better known by the name of Kiane Sabet. In addition to the MMA stage, he starred in the movie "K" directed by John Allen. His record in MMA stage by Sherdog record is 1 win and 3 defeats. Their work in the MMA stage is not so smooth. Fighter who has a 6 foot tall fails won MMA.

In one action against Ben Smith in 2010 and then in the title race Heavy Weight class, Amokrane aggressive rely knockout punch it lost after getting a lock of Ben Smith. Noted 2 times Amokrane lost to Ben Smith for the years of 2009 and 2010. While still an active fight in MMA, the picture Amokrane body has not as much now. - See also : Bali Police Killed by Amokrane Sabet Before He Shot Dead

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