Singapore General Elections 2015 Results

Singapore General Elections 2015 ResultsGE2015: 10 unexpected moments from the 2015 General Election - so far. The campaign for Friday's general election winds down at the rallies tonight (Sept 9) as Thursday is Cooling-off Day.

Here are some unexpected moments from GE2015 so far:

1. Polling Day on Sept 11 - Before news broke that the general election would be held on Sept 11, the date widely bandied about was Sept 12.

2. Fengshan and Aljunied - After months of speculation, the PAP opted to field long-time grassroots volunteer Cheryl Chan in Fengshan SMC, which is expected to be hotly contested. She will face Workers' Party candidate Dennis Tan.

3. The NSP's U-turns - The National Solidarity Party first reversed its pledge to stay out of MacPherson SMC when Mr Steve Chia announced that he would contest against PAP incumbent Tin Pei Ling and Mr Bernard Chen from the Workers' Party.

4. Multiple three-cornered fights - The three-cornered fight in MacPherson was not the only unexpected development on Nomination Day.

5. Correcting errors in the name of fair play - Some PAP candidates saved the day for their opponents on Nomination Day, when they flagged slip-ups in nomination papers that could have led to disqualification.

6. A cruise ship remark that took sail - Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong may not have expected an analogy about cruise ships to spark one of the more memorable exchanges of GE2015.

7. The resurgence of Chee Soon Juan - After sitting out the past two elections due to bankruptcy, Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) chief Chee Soon Juan has been leaving an impression during the hustings this round.

8. PAP not first to the city - A day after Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong told reporters that he would be speaking more about his party's policies at a lunchtime rally on Monday, the SDP pipped the ruling party to the slot.

9. SDP's secret wish about Tharman - At the SDP lunch time rally on Sept 7, candidate Paul Tambyah let on what he said was a "secret".

10. Sample counts - In a first here, the Elections Department announced that it will release a sample count before all the votes are counted for the General Election to help provide an early indication of the possible result for each electoral division.


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