Chloe Bartoli and Know About Scott Disick

Chloe Bartoli Biography Wikipedia Kourtney Kardashian, Scott DisickChloe Bartoli, 25, stepped into the public eye when she was caught canoodling with Scott Disick, 32, as they lounged poolside in Monte Carlo on July 2. Eek. You might recall that Scott’s in a longterm relationship with Kourtney Kardashian, 36, who also happens to be the mother of his three children! From the looks of the photos, this wasn’t just a fun day with a friend.

Chloe is a gifted young stylist, and she’s got a partner in her business — her twin sister, Marielou Bartoli! The sisters are sought after in the celebrity style game, and boast clients like Selena Gomez and Nicole Richie, to name a couple. Basically, if you see anyone wearing fresh, fun fashion on the red carpet and out on the town, they have Chloe and her sister to thank.

When it comes to styling celebs, building relationships with them comes second nature. Apparently, she’s best buds with Jared Leto, 43, after styling him for years. The two are so close, though, that she garnered the ire of some Jared fangirls who didn’t like the idea of her going to so many 30 Seconds to Mars shows or chilling with him. Someone who’s been in the fashion game for so long should start their own clothing line! Well, that’s what Chloe did. With Marielou, she developed Re/Done, which repurposes vintage jeans into modern, chic pieces. Cute and comfortable!

Not only does she work and collaborate with her sister, but they live together in a bungalow deep in the Beverly Glen area of Los Angeles. At their place, the twosome speak French exclusively. They were raised by their Parisian-born parents, who moved to Los Angeles before they were born, but still spoke their native language around the house. No wonder she was in Monte Carlo at the same time as Scott

Another connection to the Kardashian family — Chloe allegedly knew Lamar Odom‘s dear, departed friend, Bobby Heyward. Bobby passed away at the young age of 30 on June 19 after a believed overdose of prescription drugs. A look at her Instagram shows that Chloe was close friends with Bobby too, and took his death very hard. What a terrible revelation. - Source : hollywoodlife
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